Food Photography Journal: Labobatory

by Anna Lai

What do you get when you combine a laboratory with boba? Well, you get all sorts of crazy but delicious drinks like 52 Shades of Red, Bobatella, NaCaramel, and much more.

Labobatory is a trendy boba (or bubble for our NorCal friends) tea shop located in the San Gabriel Valley. In an area saturated with countless other boba tea shops, Labobatory stands out with its unabashed ability to combine more traditional tea bases with ingredients people usually wouldn’t imagine with boba (Nutella? Charcoal? Cookie butter?).

With all the fun flavors and creative concoctions, this place was a must go for our team of boba addicts! It also helped that the owner is a fellow USC Trojan. Fight on!

Labobatory Information:

Address: 819 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Business Hours: Mon-Thu 12PM-10PM | Fri-Sat 12PM-11:30PM | Sun 11AM-10PM

Visit Labobatory’s Instagram: @labobatory


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